Apple’s R&D spending shot up by $1 Billion in 2012

Apple Inc. filed its 10K in the Securities &Exchange Commission yesterday, and the emerging reports about it have been interesting, to say the least. The 10K filing revealed that Apple’s net spend on research and development had increased by a billion dollars in the current financial year. In case that doesn’t sound like much, that represents a hike of 39% over the previous year in total R&D expenditure.

The 10K filing with the SEC revealed that the Cupertino company had spent $ 3.4 Billion on R&D, which included a major escalation in spending – by $953 million, to be exact.




It frankly isn’t surprising that Apple had to spend more on research, in all honesty. Apple arguably launched more new products this year than it has in quite a few years, as it refreshed the iPad line twice (with a third gen, and then a 4th gen model), played around with the iPad’s form factor and launched a whole new slate called the iPad Mini, changed the iPhone form factor as well for the first time since the iPhone 4 by launching the 4 inch iPhone 5, and launched the ludicrously thin new iMac along with bringing out new versions of their Macbooks (with Retina displays thrown in for good measure).

Apple is, in the eyes of the general public, one of the most innovative companies out there, and they’ve been recognized for it with numerous awards as well (with the most recent accolade coming from a Booz & Co. report). What’s interesting is that Microsoft outspent it in the R&D stakes by a massive margin (of over 6 billion), but Apple has continued to rule the roost when it has come to sales as well as critical reception.



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