Apple finally starts shipping iPad Mini’s LTE model

The iPad Mini has proved to be a mixed bag at best for the folks at Apple. While they claim to have sold millions of units of the Mini, the perceptible response to it has been a lot more muted than is the case with usual Apple products. Some blame the low resolution screen for their indifference to the new Apple tablet, some blame the new form factor, and some, the fact that it seems to have been launched hot on the heels of the third gen iPad, and simultaneously with the fourth gen iPad, all while not exactly offering a truly economic alternative to the usual 9.7 inch tablets from Apple.




So far, Apple has only ended up shipping the WiFi only variant of the iPad Mini to customers. They did inform their customers last week that the LTE version of the Mini was on its way in a matter of days, and they have certainly kept to their word. Apple has started sending out emails to many of the people who had ordered the iPad Mini’s LTE model, and have confirmed that their orders are on their way to them.


Apple email reads as follows:

“ We’re happy to let you know that the items below are on their way to you. We also included delivery estimates and tracking information next to your shipping address.

Thanks for your time and for shopping with Apple.

- The Apple Store”





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