Apple applies for patents in presence sensing technology

It has been reported that Apple began working on presence sensing technology back in 2009. This technology will enable electronic devices to recognize users by detecting their heartbeat, faces, breath patters, and even skin tone. The latest patent application in this field is the third one from Apple, and it deals with sonar technology. Apple has been dabbling with sonar and Radar technology; the latter being sensitive enough to record the heartbeat of a person in a room. Sensors are also being developed that can detect carbon dioxide in the breath of a human being.


All these advancements are sure to greatly enhance user interaction with their phones and computers, and pave the way for better power saving methods, because the device will be able to sense the presence or absence of the user. It might also help to reduce the wake up time, if the device can sense the presence of the user. Such sensors will even enhance display interactions with the user, by automatically zooming in or out, depending upon the position of the user with respect to the display. These intelligent displays will adjust according to the user’s presence and movement direction.


Apple is also working on a feature that will keep your iPhone from falling off the table, when it is in vibrate mode. These new technologies will usher in a new era of gadgets that respond intelligently to human presence.

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