Amazons’s mocking anti iPad Mini ad gets cancelled due to gaffe

The Apple iPad Mini has been a device that has received a rather mixed response in general. While there is no doubting that the tablet has Apple’s trademark class in design and build quality, the response to the tablet itself has been underwhelming in some quarters. It certainly doesn’t have the best screen in the tablet market now (and by some distance), and it also happens to have the trademark ‘Apple premium’ added to its price, with a rather unreasonable price of $329 for the basic, 16GB WiFi only model. Amazon decided to make the most of the situation by launching an ad that openly mocked the iPad Mini, and compared it to Amazon’s own Kindle Fire HD.



The Amazon ad also added in some choice lines from Gizmodo’s somewhat scathing review of the Mini.

“Apple's 7.9 Inches has far fewer pixels than competing 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in there, charging more, and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy.”

There is a slight hitch to this though. Gizmodo is certainly one of the rare tech sites that are openly antagonistic towards the Cupertino company, after the entire iPhone 4 fiasco that led to Gizmodo getting banned from all Apple events in its aftermath.

The problem for Amazon turned out to be that the iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD had a mistake – the fact that the iPad Mini did indeed have stereo speakers, just like the Fire HD. From a potentially powerful ad that brought out the wide disparity in feature sets and prices between the two competing tablets, the ad became more of a silly goof up that reeked of poor research on Amazon’s part. For what it’s worth, Amazon has now pulled down the ad from its website.



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