Adeven: App Store has a whopping 400k apps that have NEVER been downloaded

Apple has made a fortune with its iDevices, and its recent success has been primarily based on the incredible sales of the iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. A major part of Apple's marketing efforts, and a key differentiator happened to be the presence of hundreds of thousands of apps catered to each platform, quite unlike the Google Play Store (a veritable mess with its confusing treatment of Android tablet and phone apps) has been underwhelming for Android tablets. Over and above that, say, in the likes of the Windows Store or Blackberry App World, it would be a stretch to say that either of them come close to having even tens of thousands of apps.


Apple has successfully managed to convince the world that apps are the primary determinant of whether you should buy a device, and their app volumes (claimed to be 650,000 recently) seem to put the Apple ecosystem in the most flattering light possible. All might not be as rosy as it seems though, according to a new report by an analytics company called Adeleven,


According to a new report from the analytics startup, Adeven, has a scarcely believable 400,000 apps that simply haven't been downloaded by an iDevice owner ever. This means that over 60% of the total number of apps in the App Store are effectively just ended up being isolated remnants of the efforts of the nameless developers.


The App Store may be the largest content ecosystem around, but the claims made Adeven could have a serious impact on Apple's marketability when it comes to sheer app volumes.



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