24me App Promises Productivity and Practicality for iPhone and iPad Mini Users

Apple products such as iPhones and iPad Minis have become synonymous with productivity. Each gadget doesn’t just perform a singular function, it is multipurpose and an increasingly important organizational tool with numerous business and personal applications. Whether kitted out with an iPad keyboard case to improve functionality on the move or synced with other personal devices to make file sharing quick and easy, Apple’s cutting edge technology has revolutionized day-to-day computing with a level of efficiency and practicality that is hard to find elsewhere.

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For those who want to turbo charge their personal time management and effortlessly coordinate tasks for work and pleasure, the 24me app is a must. Siri might have been billed as the most effective organizational tool on the market, but 24me takes the ‘digital personal assistant’ to another level. This how to guide shows you how to make the most of your download and turn your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 5 into the virtual assistant you never even knew you needed…


  1. 1.      The Basics


Although it has some rather more specialist capabilities, the 24me app would be useless if it wasn’t able to perform the very basics of task planning. Adding a task is simple. Just tap the blank text bar at the top to open up a multitude of options and features or add a basic item to a to-do list. Input the date and time that the task is due to be completed, label the task work or personal and if necessary, mark as a priority.


If you’re using your iPhone, typing ‘call’ before the reminder brings up a list of your contacts to create a list of specific phone calls which need to be made. Photos and voice notes can also be transformed into reminders.


  1. 2.      Connectivity


The multiplatform functionality also offers the option to connect Facebook or MySpace accounts to the app. Be sure to select this option if you’re likely to forget  birthdays and event invitations and would like to be promoted with an automatic reminder.


If you connect the app with multiple accounts you’ll be able to access more contact details. The calendar will also update more regularly so ther’s never an excuse  to miss a tweet up, send a DM to a friend or post a Happy Birthday message on a wall. To keep the  many strands of your digital life streamlined, you can also post notes to friends or event organizers by clicking on the icon from within the app itself.


  1. 3.      Aesthetics


Functionality is not the only prime selling point of Apple devices; with so many choosing to safeguard the look and feel of their gadget with protective iPad covers and iPhone cases, it is clear that aesthetics are also important. The interface of this app is attractive and seamless, with smooth graphics, easy-to-read fonts and a pleasant color scheme. The app even features weather reports, with images representative of the current weather in the user’s area- just switch in your iPhone or iPad’s location tracking ability to action.


  1. 4.      Monetary Assistance


One of the features which sets 24me apart from other personal assistant apps is the monetary integration option. This means that you can sync your bank details as well as your accounts with everyone from your cell phone provider to your utility providers. All of the major US financial institutions are included in the Monetary section of the app and by clicking into this screen, you can even opt to pay your bills instantly. Notifications can be sent when bills are due to be paid, when an account is reaching a limit, or when the banks or utility companies wish to communicate with their customers. Just pick which timeframe suits your budget best from the menu.


  1. 5.      iPhone 5 Optimization


With the recent release of the iPhone 5, many apps have been caught in transition optimizing for the new models. Users have been not only upgrading their handsets, but also buying new iPhone 5 cases, as well as chargers and other accessories. Fortunately 24me is already fully optimized for use with the iPhone 5’s larger screen and updated operating system.

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