WSJ : Apple now building 'Mini iPad'

The rumor mill surrounding the iPad Mini has gone in to over drive over the last week or so, with the expected launch date of the mythical (?) Apple tablet getting closer and closer.

Now, Wall Street Journal's sources claim that the iPad Mini's production has been commenced in Asia.




According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, the new tablet out of Cupertino will have a 7.85 inch screen after all. The display is expected to be a liquid crystal one as well. Unsurprisingly though, the iPad Mini is not being expected by WSJ to have a Retina-esque display. The fact that Apple seems to be pushing the iPad Mini as a cheaper, more portable alternative to its usual iPads necessitates the Cupertino company to make compromises in the tablet it is peddling. A Retina display, for all the bragging rights and marketing hype that it would help bring to the table for the iPad Mini, would be a considerable expense to both manufacture and fit into Apple's profit margin plans. With the iPhone 5 just out and its hardware manufacturers barely meeting demand, another Apple device with a resource and manpower intensive component such as a Retina display would be a major problem.


The underlying idea behind the plans for this new iPad are simple: present an option (and a better option) to the hordes of customers flocking to save on hundreds of dollars and buying Amazon Inc.'s Kindle Fires and the upcoming Kindle Fire HD.



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