Scott Forstall, iOS SVP, leaving Apple in 2013

Wall Street Journal reports that Scott Forstall, one of the most prominent names in the Apple roster in the post Jobs era, is stepping down from his post as Senior Vice President of iOS Software. He will continue his stint at Apple into the next year, and in 2013 he will formally leave the company for good.




Forstall's official bio is described in the following press release in Apple's website:


Scott Forstall is senior vice president of iPhone Software at Apple. Reporting directly to the CEO, Forstall leads the team responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone including the user interface, applications, frameworks and the operating system.

Forstall joined Apple in 1997 and is one of the original architects of Mac OS X and its Aqua user interface. He was responsible for several releases of the operating system, most notably Mac OS X Leopard. Prior to Apple he worked at NeXT developing core technologies.

Forstall received both a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University.



Although he was, unlike Steve Jobs, a full fledged post grad from an Ivy League school, his career ascent in Apple ended up being extremely steep. His overall interaction with his employees were reportedly verged on being overly demanding, a la Jobs, and he was considered to be the front runner to replace Jobs as Apple CEO before Tim Cook came in and stole that crown from him.


There seem to be no end to the speculation surrounding the real reasons for his departure - some claim his individualistic approach didn't sit well with his colleagues any longer, some claim his tendency to insert skeumorphic design into the likes of iCal annoyed the likes of Sir Jony Ive to no end, but the main consensus seem to revolve around the Apple Maps debacle. Forstall refused to accept the option of apologizing for a product as slipshod as that, and that may just have been the last draw for the Stanford alumnus.


Nevertheless, Apple and its legions of customers have a lot to thank Forstall of all - Apple's most successful period (and utter dominance in smartphones and tablets) has coincided with his tenure as iOS head, and questionable design choices aside, iOS proved to be the game changer when it came to the mobile world.

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