Google Maps alternatives for iOS 6

iOS 6 MapsDisappointment is in the air since Apple pulled the YouTube and Google Maps apps from the pre-installed bundle in iOS 6.  Google has already released a YouTube iPhone app that can be downloaded through the Apple App Store.  However, iOS 6 users are still left without a Google Maps application.  Apple has tried to fill the hole by instead including Apple Maps, which displays Apple-generated maps that many users found to be incomplete and buggy.  While many people are frustrated with the lack of Google Maps support, there’s really no reason to fret.


First of all, you can always direct Safari to to use the mobile-friendly version of Google Maps’ website.  Use the “Add to Home Screen” function in order to install the site as a web app and to have easy access to the site.  In some ways, the web version of Google Maps is better than the Apple-made Google Maps app because the web version contains some newer features that Apple never incorporated into their own pre-installed Google Maps app.  Furthermore, reports indicate that Google is actively working releasing a Google-developed Google Maps application to be released in the App Store.


In the end, the consumer will win with Apple’s move to pull Google’s services from being pre-installed in iOS.  When YouTube and Google Maps were part of iOS, Apple developed the apps; Google was a mere content provider.  In the end, the design and the included features were up to Apple.  Now that Apple no longer includes Google services in iOS, Google has the chance to develop the YouTube and Google Maps apps itself.  What better company is there to develop the apps than Google!  Google knows exactly how it wants Maps and YouTube to work on mobile devices.  Google can implement the design it wants and it can also implement new features that have already rolled out in the web versions.  Consumers just need to have a little patience and give Google time to develop the apps and release them to the App Store.


As a complete alternative to anything branded by Google, there are several other map applications in the App Store.  MapQuest, Navigon, Bing, and MotionX are just a few of the top rated map and GPS alternatives.  While many are paid solutions, they may be better than Google Maps in different ways.

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