Everything you need to know about the Apple Lightning Connector

Apple's latest iPhone has been selling at a record pace, even though all available accessories are incompatible with the new device. Reports suggest that iPhone 5 users will have to wait a bit longer before new accessories hit the market. This is because Apple is exercising strict control over manufacturers who wish to make Lightning accessories. Apple has modified its MFi policy, because of which third party manufacturers won't be able to make Lightning accessories without Apple's approval.


So far, Apple hasn't approved any third party manufacturers, which is a cause of concern. Because of this, it might be a while before accessories that work with the new lightning ports start appearing in the market. Apple has announced a MFi seminar to be held in China in November, which is expected to shed more light on Apple's new regulations. Therefore manufacturers have to wait till November before they can spring into action and start selling accessories in time for the holiday season.


In the meanwhile, Lightning to 30 pin dock connectors are readily available on online stores like Amazon and eBay at prices far lower than Apple's standard rate of $39 and $29 for the cable and adapter respectively. Although these adapters might seem tempting because of their price, there have been critical issues reported with some of them because the Lightning technology is new. So it is wiser to avoid buying unauthorised adapters or accessories right now.

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