Apple orders 10m iPad Mini displays

Technology giant Apple is all geared up for a grand launch of its much awaited and anticipated iPad mini. If sources are to be believed,  Apple is quite positive regarding the success of the junior tablet. According to the Wall Street journal  Apple has already ordered an astounding 10 million display units for the mini tablet. Though the report doesn’t reveals much, but chunks of information are thrown in. The suppliers have hinted that you can expect a display of 7.85in with no retina display and with a replica of iPad 2’s backbone. They also claim that the number nearly doubles the order placed for Amazon’s Kindle Fire’s display, which speaks of Apple’s unwavering confidence in the potential of its baby Tablet.

The iPads having being liked and preferred unanimously over other tablets available, have increased a demand for a product like iPad mini with the launch of other small tablets like nexus7, Galaxy Note and kindle fire. The thin and light look and feel of this new seven-incher  will make an easy fit into the purses and coat pockets, thus, making it a definite pick among the consumers.  Analyst believe that not just its size but also its design will catalyze iPad Mini’s sales. They say , Apple will not compromise on the aesthetics of the smaller Tablet. Also, it may outdo its forefathers in the iPad family in terms of its portability and popularity among users.


Though the recent reports have ignited speculations about the on-time launch of iPad mini, due to a slow production rate but, amid all the speculations the baby is pretty much on board.


Apple is planning to unveil the new iPad mini at a media even around mid October, and its expected to hit the stores in the first week of November.

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