Apple employees complain about product leaks, blame China based manufacturing processes

The rumor mill surrounding Apple products seems like an industry by itself now. With every possibly wrong, and often correct rumor, Apple's zealous obsession with keeping its product launches completely under wraps gets taken apart, bit by bit. The Obama - Romney debates threw up the slightly prickly topic of Apple's overseas based manufacturing processes, and now, a report in Ars Technica claims that Apple employees are reportedly unhappy about how the veil of secrecy around their products gets lifted so early these days, and have laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of manufacturing units based in countries abroad, such as China.



The Ars Technica report sheds some more light on the topic in its report, excerpts of which you can read below:




In the view of these employees, the majority of leaks that now get splashed across the pages of the Apple Rumor Site Du Jour™ in the months before a new product launch don't originate within Apple corporate anymore. Instead, leaks about the iPhone 5, the Retina MacBook Pro, and the (expected) iPad mini came from somewhere within Apple's lengthy global supply chain.


"Apple's security practices are targeted at making sure US employees don't leak stuff, but everything comes out of China now," one employee told Ars. "I think Apple's secrecy mode is really outdated."


"Clearly, the people who need the security training are not here" said another. "They're not getting the same level of scrutiny as we are, and it shows."




The iPhone 5 launch event was a perfect case in point - everything, and by that we mean everything about the new Apple smartphone was known to tech watchers well in advance of the iPhone's launch. This ended up making the launch event a lot, lot more bland than in past years, in all honesty. Some might put it down to the lack of the presence of Apple's charismatic founder and face for so many years - Steve Jobs. But the issues lie deeper than that - with the increasingly interconnected nature of the globalized market, one click with a camera phone of the back cover of a blurry tablet is enough for the world to know the size and dimensions of the iPad Mini.

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