What to expect in iOS 6, the software powering the iPhone 5

iOS 6You can nearly smell the excitement that the iPhone 5 yields in the air.  But let's not forget about the software part of things, either.  The iPhone 5 will more than likely ship with iOS 6, the next major upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system.  Conveniently, Apple has already announced iOS 6 and its biggest features.  Let’s revisit this announcement so that we can be even more prepared for Wednesday’s iPhone 5 announcement!




Apple has kicked Google out of the picture and completely recreated the Maps app.  The maps are even more detailed and load faster than Google Maps.  The app also includes turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates.  Maps also has a “flyover” feature now, which allows you to see cities and landmarks from a beautiful birds eye view.

iOS 6 Maps



Apple has added more commands to Siri, including sports scores and stats, movie times and reviews, and restaurant info.  Siri can also launch apps for you!  In iOS 6, Siri will be added to the 3rd generation iPad.

iOS 6 Siri

Facebook integration


Just as Twitter was integrated within iOS, room is now being made for Facebook.  Share items with Facebook directly from the app, including 3rd party apps with new developer APIs.  Contacts and calendar items will sync with Facebook to reflect your friend’s contact information and events.  You can also “like” apps and songs directly from iOS.

iOS 6 Facebook

Shared Photo Streams

You can now choose photos from your Photos app to be shared with another iCloud user.  Users can like and comment on individual photos that are shared with them.  Photos can be accessed from an iOS device, a Mac running iPhoto, or



Store boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and more on your phone.  The passes appear on your device at the appropriate time or place.  For example, when you arrive at the airport or when your boarding time is reached, a push notification with the corresponding boarding pass will appear.  The information stored in Passbook can completely replace paper copies, keeping everything organized and simple.


FaceTime over 3G


Apple has added the ability to use FaceTime over 3G instead of only over WiFi.


New incoming call options


If you receive a phone call that you can’t answer, you can now swipe up to reveal more options such as “Decline”, “Reply with Message”, or “Remind Me Later”.  “Reply With Message” will allow you to easily send a premade text message (such as “I’ll call you later”) or enter a custom message.  “Remind Me Later” will let you choose a time to be reminded to call the person back.  You can also turn “Do Not Disturb” mode and “Quiet Hours” on to decline calls from everyone except those on your “Allow Calls From” list, which can contain important numbers like your spouse and your boss.

iOS 6 Decline Call

Mail improvements


Apple has added a “VIP” folder to the Mail app, essentially setting a rule that mail received from certain addresses will be directed to the “VIP” folder.  Apple has also improved the ability to add photos and videos to emails.

iOS 6 Mail



The Safari Reading List will now cache pages to save them for offline viewing.  iCloud will sync your open tabs and allow you to view your open tabs on other devices, and vice versa.  Putting your iPhone or iPod touch in landscape will prompt Safari to display the page in full-screen to maximize screen real estate.  Furthermore, uploading a video or photo to a site from your iOS device is now possible now that Apple will allow sites to access the Photos app.

iOS 6 Safari



There are many more new features in iOS 6.  Click the below source link for a full list on Apple’s website.


iOS 6 will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th generation, iPad 2, and 3rd generation iPad.


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