The iPod Nano gets modified by Apple yet again

The iPod Nano has a strange history in terms of its hardware design. Launched in 2005 as a replacement for the iPod Mini, the Nano has undergone radical changes with every refresh from Apple. Apple announced the Nano's latest version, which happens to be the 7th generation of the product, will be releasing in October, and has a significant number of changes from the 6th gen Nano from last year.


The iPod Nano has seen its physical dimensions change from an iPod Classic-lite to last year's watch-like slab that was square in shape and tiny (1.55 inches, to be precise) in size. The latest Nano is a great deal closer to its roots, but in essence is actually just a smaller version of the iPod Touch. With a screen size of 2.5 inches, and with multitouch thrown in for good measure, it's hardly as tiny as before. The resolution isn't even remotely close to Apple's self proclaimed Retina Display standards, with a resolution of 240 x 432 pixels, but with a smaller screen, pixel density hardly remains as an issue.

Apple claim that "the new iPod nano is the thinnest iPod ever made", and with a thickness of a scarcely believable 5.4 mm, they certainly aren't exaggerating one bit.

On other fronts, the battery life has received a significant boost as well, with Apple claiming that the upcoming 7th gen Nano will have 30 hours of battery life - a bump of 6 hours in Apple's official figures.

On the software side, there's Genius thrown in for good measure, along with it being a lot more convenient to watch videos on the new Nano than in any Nano before this. Apple is making a big deal out of its revamped 'EarPods' as well. While these in ear earphones haven't exactly been tested formally yet, it isn't too tough to make an/any earphone better than Apple's default ones since the launch of the iPod.

While the iPod Nano is hardly a revolutionary product by any stretch of imagination, customers wanting an economically friendly alternative to the iPod Touch/iPhone have a great deal in their hands with its $149 price tag.

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