The iPhone 5 is getting launched on the 12th of September after all

This has been a long time coming. Rumor after rumor, leak after leak, the entire circus that has surrounded the 'next' (i.e. redesigned) iPhone has been stupendous. The iPhone 4S may not have been on shelves for too long, before tech speculators began guessing whether 'critical' features such as LTE, NFC, and the like would make it to the iPhone 5. Whether this sentiment was borne out either disappointment or for good ol' fashioned rumor mongering is immaterial - as it is all finally coming to the end with the impending launch of the iPhone 5 on September 12. That's right, there is barely a week to go before Apple announces its surreally popular iOS smartphone, with a new design and interesting (albeit still rumored) features to boot.




Apple sent out various press members invitations for a September 12 event. The invitations were very simplistic, and hence very Apple. They simply stated, "It's almost here" with a large '12' (signifying the September 12 event date), with a prominent shadow in the shape of a 5, no doubt hinting at the upcoming iPhone's expected (rumored?) title: the Apple iPhone 5.


The new iPhone is quite a radical departure for Apple in the design stakes. While Apple (and Steve Jobs in particular) insisted that the sizes of the iPhone and iPad were 'just right', despite Android devices pouring in in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Apple finally seems to have smelt the coffee now though, as the purported leaks seem to indicate a taller and thinner phone than earlier. Only time will tell whether this gets received well or not.




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