The Apple iPad's push into education is working

Just a couple of years back, education seemed to be a sector in which the likelihood of hegemony of Microsoft Windows being broken seemed to be the most improbable. On a cursory glance, there was no alternative to getting a full fledged PC, more than anything else. The only real alternatives were Apple Macs, and they were too prohibitively expensive for most educational institutions to purchase en masse. Then, the iPad revolution happened, and there was a whole new paradigm shift in the public consciousness. Tablets seemed like a viable and convenient alternative to PCs after all. The latest market stats seem to reinforce that very point now.




Needham & Company's Charlie Wolf revealed to investors on Tuesday that PC shipments in the education sector had dipped by nearly 14%, while the Apple iPad had had about a million units sold in the same June time period.


The iPad's sales dwarfed that of Apple's very own Macs, and also improved on previous year's figures for the same period by nearly two times. In Wolf's opinion, this was clear indication that the iPad was cannibalizing the sales of personal computers in the US educational niche. Read more about Charlie Wolf's statement below:


“Clearly, a significant portion of iPad sales represented an expansion of the market. But in view of the fact that Mac sales held steady at around 520,000 units but overall PC sales declined by 265,000 units from 1.90 million to 1.64 million units, we believe the inescapable conclusion is that the iPad is beginning to cannibalize a material portion of PC sales in this market.

In our view, the education market is the canary in the coal mine. The next market the iPad is likely to impact is the much larger U.S. home market.”




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