Study claims that iPad has 98% share in tablet based web traffic

A new study from Onswipe has revealed that Apple's ubiquitous iPad is (unsurprisingly) the leader in terms of tablet based web traffic. Their inaugural study has shown that the Apple tablet dominates web traffic among tablets with a 98.1 percent share of 29.5 million impressions logged in the week starting on the 13th of September, and ending on the 20th of that month.




Onswipe is a digital publishing tool that tries "to power the way the world experiences the touch web". It helps publishers create app like environments within mobile web browsers, which make for rich user experiences and highly touch friendly pages.


Onswipe's findings also concluded that the iPad made up for 54.5 per cent of the web traffic from mobile devices overall (i.e. smartphones and tablets combined). This is an incredible feat considering that the iPad has only been around for a couple of years, while smartphones from a multitude of manufacturers (like Apple's own iPhone) have been launched and updated plenty of times within the last decade or so.


The iPad's huge share was followed by the expected big names in the Android tablet market - the Samsung Galaxy Tab (with 1.53%), Motorola Xoom (0.21%), and the Amazon Kindle Fire (0.11%).


Here is what Onswipe had to say on their blog:



Onswipe Study Shows iPad Dominates Other Tablets With 98% Of All Web Traffic



Onswipe dug into some of its web data, with ‘some’ meaning 29.5 million unique impressions from over 1200 sites over a 7-day period, Sept. 13 to Sept. 20. They discovered something astonishing: Apple’s iPad accounted for 98.1 percent of those millions of impressions. The numbers suggest, according to Onswipe CEP Jason L. Baptiste, that “The iPad is clearly a browsing device.”


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