September 12 may see the launch of an updated iPod Touch as well

With barely a couple of days to go before the big Apple media event on the 12th of September, all the focus and incessant hype has been revolving around the iPhone 5, and the iPad Mini (the latter to a lesser extent of late, though). One device that has somewhat slipped through the collective media's net might be the new version of the iPod Touch, and it may have a 4 inch screen to boot, a la the iPhone 5's rumored screen size.




The iPod line has barely been touched upon by Apple ever since it got involved in the endless hoopla surrounding its iPad and iPhone refreshes every year since 2010. That may be about to change though, and at long last, as the media consumption device has grown a bit long in the tooth in the intervening two years.


The Verge sources in from numerous reports that seem to be making the launch of the refreshed Touch a very realistic possibility. The reports seem to differ on crucial details as well. iMore contends that the new iPod Touch will definitely be a 4 inch device, and will have the same 16 : 9 aspect ratio as the new iPhone.


"iMore has learned that the new iPod touch is getting the same 4-inch, 16:9 aspect ration screen as the new iPhone. Whether it's the same exact panel as the iPhone 5, or Apple once again goes for a cheaper panel like the non-IPS one they went with in 2010, however, remains to be seen."


9to5 Mac has a different story to tell though. They are far more guarded about asserting that the launch of the new Touch could be barely a couple of days away.


"For this year, though, we’re hearing that Apple will retain the fourth generation design for the entry-level iPod touch configuration, and redesign the two higher priced models."


The quoted price wants of $299 and $399 may seem extortionate by most standards (especially given that the product being sold is an iPod - a device that can do nowhere near as much as, say, the $399 iPad 2). As usual, Apple gets to spill the beans by itself, and the time for that isn't too far away at all.


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