Samsung rips into the iPhone 5 with its latest ad

Samsung and Apple aren't exactly the most chummy companies out there - that isn't really much of a doubt anymore after there widely publicized squabbling over patents lately. The $1.05 billion damages won by Apple has only poisoned the waters further. Apple's typically self effusive response in the aftermath of the trial decision, where it harped upon its own 'values', didn't go down too well with the folks at Samsung Electronics, and now they've released the latest in their series panning Apple products. The Apple product in their crosshairs is a fairly obvious choice - it is the just announced iPhone 5.




Entitled 'It doesn't take a genius', the print ad is a simple side by side comparison of the two companies' flagship smartphones. Apple's iPhone 5 is naturally one of the phones in question, and the other is the Samsung Galaxy S III. The very title of the ad obviously hints at Apple's recent 'Genius' ads from the Superbowl. That series of ads received a widespread critical backlash for being poorly though out and downright terrible, and Samsung has gleefully joined in to the party.


The lists of features in both the products is widely disparate, as you can see in the image above. Samsung's S III probably touts close to double the number of features found in the iPhone 5. It reserves a special mention for the new Lightning connector found in the iPhone 5, calling it, in ironically phrased Apple-speak, 'a totally different plug'. Samsung proceeds to mention that the Galaxy S III has an industry standard micro USB plug.


The ad is certainly liberal with its sprinkling of facts, but that's a criticism that can arguably be leveled at both Apple and Samsung's promotional efforts down the years anyway. Things certainly are getting increasingly antagonistic between the two rivals.

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