Rovio launches Angry Birds spinoff: Bad Piggies

Rovio Mobile was a small app developer three years back. And then, the Angry Birds phenomenon happened, and overturned its fortunes from near bankruptcy to being the biggest of the big fish (or birds, in this case?). Rovio continued to piggyback on its blockbuster game's sequels - Angry Birds Rio, Seasons, and Space. While the latter was a creative reimagining of the popular mobile game, at the end of the day it was still more of the same, much like Rio and Seasons before it. Amazing Alex was Rovio's next experiment at trying out something new altogether - but despite positive word of mouth, it crashed spectacularly in the Top Downloads charts beyond the first few weeks of its much hyped launch. Now, Rovio has done the next best thing - it has launched a new game called Angry Birds, and that's a game that borrows elements from both Angry Birds and Amazing Alex.



Bad Piggies is a spinoff of Angry Birds alright, but it has a very, very different game playing style from the latter. The idea is simple: so far, mobile gamers played from the perspective of the titular Birds. That meant using different kind of birds to attack the villainous pigs' towers and establishments, with a slingshot mechanism.


Bad Piggies is different - now, a gamer plays as the hilariously evil Pigs, trying to find creative ways to destroy things. It may take a while getting used to but is extremely entertaining when one gets the hang of it.


What's most important is that one crucial thing remains the same in both Angry Birds and Bad Piggies - humor. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and that's something where the rather staid Amazing Alex may have failed at.


In any case, with a price of less than a dollar, it can't hurt to give Bad Piggies a shot, can it? Download it for iOS devices here.

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