Machinarium - an iOS game you can't miss!

There most certainly isn't any dearth of great games in the App Store for both iPhones and iPads, but at times, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. In other words, app discoverability can be quite an issue in the iOS App Store, as the apps with bigger reputations tend to drown out some hidden gems that the Store has to offer. A case in point would be the absolutely gorgeous looking puzzle game that is Machinarium.



Machinarium is an adventure game where a player has to navigate through multiple puzzles and brain teasers in an exquisitely detailed environment. With the game's artwork inspired by steampunk design concepts, what end users have is an thoroughly innovative looking game that just gets better as it goes on. Have a look at some screenies from the game below:


There are 3 very notable things about Machinarium, as a game. For starters, the aforementioned steampunk artwork is completely hand drawn, giving it a quaint painting like quality pretty often. Secondly, the interactions between the playable character and the environment is only limited to the immediate vicinity of the character itself, and no more. Thirdly, there is absolutely no dialog to be found anywhere in the game. Thought bubbles are used to get ideas across from the game world to the user, and it works quite well, to boot.


All in all, at a price of $4.99, you get a thoroughly engrossing puzzle game that's certainly worth a shot. The fact that it is very pleasing to the eyes doesn't hurt either. You can download Machinarium from the App Store from here.

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