Lines forming for iPhone 5 launch, many people only waiting to earn quick money

iPhone 5 line


Apple product launches have always been known for the long lines of people waiting to get their hands on the latest and greatest Apple gadgets.  Times are changing, and the intentions of the line occupiers are changing, in some instances.  In the most recent lines forming for the launch of the iPhone 5, there are a handful of people in line that aren’t interested in being one of the first to get the new phone.  These people are more interested in earning some quick cash.


How do you earn money from waiting in line, you ask?  We’ve seen 3 major methods popping up near Apple stores.  We’ll start with the most obvious: selling your spot.  The selling of a spot in line isn’t anything new…spot selling has been going on probably since the very first mass lines.  This remains a popular method of making a quick buck (or several hundred bucks) off of your precious spot in line.


A slightly newer way of earning money while in line is advertising.  People know that Apple product launches at popular Apple stores are usually publicized by TV networks and online blogs.  Reporters want to talk to the most interesting people in line; probably the #1 most interesting person in line is the first person!  Smart business owners and marketing enthusiasts will take advantage of the free media attention by ensuring their #1 spot in line and carrying advertisements around with them.  This might include any clothing (shirts and hats, especially) and accessories (tents, flags) that have the business printed on them.


This brings us to our final, most popular way of making money in line.  This is a more novel idea than the aforementioned strategies: being paid to wait in line by reservation.  This idea is similar to the first idea of spot selling, yet still different in so many ways.  There might be consumers that want to be the first to receive the iPhone 5 without the hassle of waiting in line overnight.   These consumers can hire someone to wait in line for them until close to opening time, when the consumer will arrive in the line at the reserved location.  This is different from spot selling in the sense that the sale was pre-arranged.  In most cases, the sale is arranged using an online service such as TaskRabbit or Craigslist.  Either somebody will post that they are looking for someone to wait in line or a willing soul will post that they are willing to wait in line for someone.  This type of duty appears to pay an average of $100-$150.

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