iPhone 4 and 4S prices to drop upon release of the iPhone 5

On Wednesday, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5, per an invitation that was sent out with a giant “5” shadow.  While the world awaits the announcement in great anticipation, perhaps one of my favorite parts of a new iPhone announcement is the lower price of the older iPhones!


Prices have already begun dropping!  Best Buy has slashed the iPhone 4 price down to $49.99 (regular $99 from Apple).  Apple, along with its resellers (including cell phone carriers and retail stores) will definitely drop the price of the current iPhone 4S upon release of the iPhone 5.  Unfortunately, discounted iPhones directly from Apple typically only sell in the lowest capacity.  Therefore, the only discounted iPhone 4 from Best Buy is the 8GB model.  The same idea will most likely persist when the iPhone 4S is discounted; only the 16GB model will be available.


Of course, you could alternatively buy from a 3rd party source.  For example, consumers who will look to upgrade to the iPhone 5 may sell their iPhone 4 or 4S on sites like Craigslist or Amazon.  Giving up the new features of the most current generation could save you a substantial amount of money when upgrading.  Although, an older generation might not be for everyone.  It all comes down to putting a price on the new features that the iPhone 5 will offer.  Is the extra money worth it?


If the iPhone 5 follows the current price model, it will start at $199 on a 2 year contract.

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