iOS 6 already on 25% of iOS devices within 48 hours of its launch

Chitika, a prominent analytics firm, has just released its findings about the penetration of iOS 6 in the little time that has passed since its launch. From the looks of it, Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating devices has reached more devices in 48 hours than Android's much touted 4.0 version (Ice Cream Sandwich) has in well over a year since its launch.



Chitika has revealed that a whopping quarter odd users of iOS devices already had iOS 6 installed within 48 hours of the operating system's launch on September 19. That is a mighty impressive figure, and reveals as much about how easy Apple makes it to update iOS devices over the air as just how much Apple users were looking forward to this new iteration of iOS.


One of the biggest advantages of Apple's business model is that there is absolutely no scope of fragmentation. The few restrictions that exist for older iOS devices when it comes to exclusive features for Apple's latest products are an obvious dampener to matters, but Apple by and large keeps users of its older iOS products up to date when it comes to its latest innovations on the software front.


Chitika bases its findings on 'mobile ad impressions' from its Chitika Ad Network data for the mobile web. Their findings are considered to be rather reliable as an indicator of figures such as iOS adoption (or in this case, iOS update adoption).


While some iOS 6 features have received a decidedly mixed response (with the chief culprit being Apple's flawed new Maps app), the overall OS has been unanimously considered to be even smoother and faster than before. That can only bode well for Apple.




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