Google takes over Nik Software - creators of popular iOS app Snapseed

Google has gained a somewhat justified reputation of just not getting the right formula for social networking over the years. What started with the messy, poorly managed Orkut social network, was moved on to the controversial Google Buzz, to finally the latest Google+. Despite an inordinate amount of hype prior to its launch, Google+ seems to be fizzling out just like another much hyped social tool from Google - Wave. In fact, one might argue that Google+ would have been long forgotten by now, had it not been for the immense popularity of Android phones, and Google's propensity for pushing its products down Android users' throats rather often.



From its very inception, the biggest elephant in the room for Google+ has been Facebook. In fact, one might argue that Google+ was Google's attempt at stifling/combating the popularity of Facebook in the social networking segment, just like it tried to fight Apple's iOS with Android. But while the latter proved to be a success for the most part, the former still remains the Mountain View company's Achilles Heel. Facebook may have been having a rough 2012 itself, thanks to its IPO troubles, but its Instagram acquisition helped it expand its user base even more than ever before.


Google has struck back now with the acquisition of German company, Nik Software. Nik Software are the devs behind the hugely popular Snapseed app for iOS and Mac OSX. With a price of $4.99, this app is an Instagram without the silly limitations such as restricted filters, horribly compressed and grainy images, and a compulsion to upload the edited photos to a social network.


While Picasa may have been doing just about a passable job for Google for desktops, Snapseed will help its diehard fans to make the plunge into sharing and creating content for Google+. If things go according to plan, this acquisition could be just the shot in the arm that Google desperately needs.



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