Developers in India can now register to sell paid apps in Google Play

In a recent action, Google has finally included India in the list of countries which are allowed to register as Google Checkout merchants and sell paid apps. Prior to this development, the apps developers from India were only allowed to distribute free applications in the Google app store. Indeed this is a big step for Google and needless to mention that, the Indian developers are very happy with this news. Though the outcome is positive, still there are certain complaints in the part of the Indian developers. The inclusion of India happened after Google had added Czech Republic, Poland, Israel and even Mexico.



In the said list, there are total 31 countries and developers form those countries will be allowed to sell applications in Google app store. Along with the inclusion of India, Google has created certain new rules for posting an app in the Google Play. One of the most important rules is, the Google Checkout account should be linked with the Google Play Developer account. Not only that, this connection can happen only once and that also from within the interface of the developer account. Once you have linked the accounts, you won’t be allowed to remove them or change or update them in any way.

If you want to opt for a change or update, you need to sign up for a new developer account and need to pay $25. Though the situation has become a little complicated, still this step is going to make things more exciting and provide a huge impetus to the Google app store. This app store how has more than 600,000 android apps and after the inclusion of India, that number will start growing rapidly. The reason behind that will be the current explosion of mobile technology and software development in India. This process will also help the Indian developers to earn more money and secure a better future for them.

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