Details about the new iPod Touch start breaking in.

The iPod Touch might be getting a refresh for certain after all. What was merely a faint shot in the dark even a week back has turned into a distinct possibility, as more definitive rumors (as much of an oxymoron as that may be) have started being bandied about with regards to its specifications and hardware.


Apple Insider has quoted a new source on the details about the media consumption device that Apple has been to keep close to its chest. Will Strafach, a mobile consultant, has a bit of a record for knowing about all things Apple, and he had the following to say in a tweet of his just a few hours back:


"it's not even worth leaking to press friend's this close to launch, so: the new iPod5,1 is code name N78AP, and sports a 1136x640 display." - @chronic



Apple Insider adds in its own two cents about the matter of the iPod Touch's innards, referring to a report from a KGI Securities analyst:



"In July, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities said he expected the new iPod touch to feature components from existing iOS products, such as the A5 processor currently found in the iPhone 4S. The S5L8942X code name aligns with the updated 32-nanometer A5 chip found in the currently available iPad 2 as well as the Apple TV."


32 nm processors are far more energy efficient than the usual 45 nm processors found in previous gen Apple devices. They formally have 2 cores, but one of them is disabled, for all practical purposes. The basic idea is to keep temperatures low, but yet have a level of performance that is sufficiently impressive. Apple had launched a slightly modified version of the iPad 2 in the months following the launch of the new third gen iPad, and did an impressive job there by all accounts. A device with a smaller screen should only make it easier for the Apple processor to work its magic as well as ever.

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