BlackBerry 10 L-series Smartphone Photo Leaked

Blackberry 10 L-series Smartphone is one of the most awaited phones in the market. To keep up with the growing excitement regarding this phone news and rumors are being introduced into the market at regular intervals. Some leaked photos of this ‘yet to be released’ phone has taken the market by storm. This photo reveals this new phone form the stable of Blackberry to be a touchscreen device. This phone is not going to follow the QWERTY keypad tradition followed by Blackberry so far. Though it is not the first leakage about this new series of phone, it is still the very first leakage regarding the visual depiction of this long awaited phone.


There has been a previous leakage about this phone and it claims that the Blackberry 10 L-series Smartphone will have features like, 1.5GHz dual core processor, I GB Ram, memory storage of 16 GB and an 8 megapixels camera. This phone will have 1800mAh LS1 battery and will sport the gun metal kind of color. This last detail matches the Blackberry 10 L-series Smartphone with the about to be released iPhone 5. There will be usual refinements like BBM, Facebook, DocsToGo and one of the most innovative and interesting StoryMaker. The guess is, the StoryMaker app will be like the iMovie app available in iPhones, though nothing is confirmed yet.


The leakage shows that there will be different panes for the apps and there will be the grid icon and it will work as the window for the apps opened in the phone. According to the rumors mills the first two phones of the Blackberry 10 L-series Smartphone is almost ready and are soon to be launched. So, the market is waiting eagerly to find out if the rumors and the photos are true or not. Another video leaked few days earlier showed the SIM installation method of the phone. Soon the people waiting with a batted breath will discover the truth about Blackberry 10 L-series Smartphone.

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