Apple tweaks the App Store further in iOS 6

Apple Insider reports that Apple will be tweaking the App Store app even more in iOS 6. The long belated changes meant to brought in from Apple's acquisition of Chomp, the promising content discovery service for the App Store, seem to be more and more prominent in the latest tweaks in the app.





Apple seems to be working on Genius for apps, similar to how it works for songs and other media in iTunes currently. This makes sense, given that Chomp's primary area of expertise lay in suggesting some (often) unknown apps that seemed to be aligned to a user's own interests, and if Apple can perfect the rough edges in its acquisition's tech, it can get its Genius  to be a potent content discovery method. This would render a frequent complaint that iOS users have with the App Store null and void - that of there being too many apps in the Store to actually find the best match for oneself. The famous names tend to hog all the limelight, drowning out smaller, but just as worthy titles in the process.


In the iPad version of the new App Store app, there is a completely revamped UI thrown in for good measure. While Apple's trademark Cover Flow design scheme has been aped and churned out by the truckloads by every OEM under the sun, Apple itself seemed to have been a lot less liberal in using the flashy UI style for its own products. That's about to change with the iPad App Store, as Cover Flow is the predominant way of going about in the app from the looks of it.


With just over a couple of days to go for the launch of the new iPhone, the first official look at iOS 6 will be public in a matter of time.  There certainly will be a lot more to savor beyond just the App Store, in all likelihood.



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