Apple trying to patent Jonathan Ive-designed Smart Cover packaging

History has shown us that Apple does tend to lean towards patenting practically everything it produces (and it helps a great deal as well, judging by the hefty compensation packages it has received from the likes of Samsung lately). But the latest bit of news about their patent accumulating tendencies is as outlandish as you will have ever heard - Apple is now trying to get a patent for the packaging  of the iPad Smart Cover. That's right - the Smart Cover isn't the subject of the patent here; the packaging is!





Apple filed a patent for what it called the "Packaging Assembly", and it has just been made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This has been discovered by the folks at Apple Insider, and they elaborate upon the patent filing




"Appealing retail packaging may encourage purchase of products that a consumer may otherwise overlook," the filing states. "Accordingly, design considerations for packaging have become increasingly important."


But the design of packaging should go beyond just aesthetic appeal, Apple argues, and should make it easy to insert the product and also for the customer to remove it once they have purchased it.


"While many designs and techniques used to package products have generally worked well in the past, there is always a desire to improve packaging, such that improved functionality and/or appearance is provided," the application reads.






The idea is that in the current era of bitter, cut throat competition, Apple's product packaging could possibly help it gain an edge in the minds of confused customers. It may be strange, but it is probably not the first, nor last strange patent filing from the stables of the Cupertino company.

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