Apple seeks over $700 million more in damages from Samsung

The recently concluded legal saga between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics ended in a massive victory for the former, with the Cupertino company laughing away to the bank with damages worth $1.05 billion awarded to it.  Just one small hitch for everyone relieved by the end of that protracted affair - it might not have been 'concluded' after all.





FOSS Patents' Florian Mueller wrote in his blog that Apple has filed to the US Federal court, and has asked for enhancements, and supplemental damages on top of the $1.05 billion already awarded to them in the decision awarded to them in the patent infringement case against Samsung. The additional damages claimed by the iPhone makers amounts to a whopping $707 million over and above the damages they're already getting from the earlier decision.


"Apple recognizes that only some parts of the $1.05 billion damages award by the jury are subject to enhancement for willful patent infringement. Apple is smart enough to know that asking for the moon without a legal basis wouldn't do any good, neither in the court of law nor in the court of public opinion. Apple is defending its intellectual property, and not just being greedy. Apple requests a tripling for willful patent infringement of an amount of $67,880,583 "for the five smartphones and two tablets that [the jury] found to infringe only Apple's utility patents [...] resulting in enhancement of $135,761,166 for a total award on those products of $203,641,749". "

- Florian Mueller



This incredibly bitter battle between two of the biggest tech companies around now shows no signs of getting over, does it?


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