Apple iOS 6 Maps app gets a severe backlash

Apple was typically gushing about its new Maps app in its promotional efforts, citing the 3D Flyover effect and vector graphics to be huge benefits of its new mapping solution. The hype surrounding these features was palpable, at the very least, and more and more people had reason to be convinced that Apple would add a revolutionary touch to Google Maps' tried and tested approach with its in house solution. Now that iOS 6 has launched, and brought along the app to a public audience, the response has been almost overwhelmingly negative.




A Tumblr blog named The Amazing iOS 6 Maps has published screenshots of the many bugs and errors filling up every corner of the Maps app's data.



Apple's efforts at phasing out all traces of Google Maps naturally had to have a cost. Google has built on its location mapping data for several years now, and its data mining techniques (while considered by many to lie in a morally grey area) are still easily the most advanced in the tech industry. It constantly accumulates and refines location data for literally every place under the sun in a thoroughly efficient and functional way. It may lack the visual flair of the new Apple Maps app (for the time being), but there is simply no way a new entrant has it easy going up against Google in one of its strongest suites. And that's taking into account the fact that Apple took over TomTom and Waze, impressive mapping solutions in their own rights, before starting off with its in house Maps.


The results may seem humorous to some, and awfully disappointing to others, but Apple seriously needs to get its act together before its Maps app simply acquires a label of being a slipshod Google Maps pretender.

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