Top 3 rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone 5

After the success of Samsung's Galaxy S lll, high-end smart phone users are expecting something better from to-be-released iPhone 5. It has been unofficially confirmed that iPhone 5 is all set to be released next month and this news has sparked a wave of rumors surrounding Apple's latest addition to the iPhone series. Let's have a look at three of the top rumors:

iPhone 5 or the new iPhone?

To start with, the name of the new iPhone has been a subject of various debates in the online rumor mills, such is the anticipation for iPhone 5. Apple surprised everyone when it named iPad 3 as the new iPad, although the new iPad has been well recieved by the users despite its name, the rumor is that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5. This rumor is backed by the news that they had complained regarding the ownership of a URL '' which indicates that 'iPhone 5' is something they are interested in.

iPhone makeover

The new design and shape of the soon to be revealed iPhone has been the hot topic in active rumor mills all around the world. Rumors suggest that Apple's new iPhone will be featuring a longer 4-inch screen, centralized front camera, bigger speakers, two-tone back case and a new dock connector too.

 New iPhone, new camera

Rumors suggest that Apple may be featuring a 8 megapixel camera in the new iPhone, not just that but also the front facing camera is said to have HD capability.

As they say, where there is smoke, there is fire, we can certainly take a hint from these rumors regarding IPhone 5's new design and features and hope that it will not be another incremental version of its ancestors iPhone 4/4S.

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