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Mac App StoreLet’s face it: Mac apps from Apple’s Mac App Store are on the expensive side. You pay all kinds of money for the Mac, only to find that a great deal of the apps available in the App Store cost more money! Unfortunately, there aren’t too many discount services (such as FreeAppADay for iPhone) available for Mac. This is due in part by the fact that Mac apps are generally more expensive than iPhone/iPad apps.


There is one service, however, that can help you save big on applications for your Mac. The website is called MacLegion ( MacLegion offers bundles of Mac apps for either a large discount or for free. The bundles are only available for a limited amount of time. When the time for one bundle runs out, a new bundle becomes available. The apps in the bundles are usually genuine Mac App Store apps, but sometimes a non-Mac App Store app appears in a bundle. Nonetheless, the bundles offer high quality, useful applications.


This past week, I was able to download a 5-app bundle for free. The apps included in the bundle were: ColorStrokes ($5.99), Scrambler ($2.99), MacPilot ($19.99), Thumbs (9.99), and Wallpaper Wizard ($9.99). In total, I saved $48.95 by downloading this free bundle.


Currently, MacLegion is offering a paid bundle, including: iTaskX, Data Recovery Guru, MacFamilyTree, Hype, PDF Nomad, MacJournal, DiskAid, AppFresh, Playback, and CleanApp. Altogether, these apps would normally cost $514. MacLegion is offering all of those apps for only $49.99, over 90% off! The bundle is available until September 6, 2012, when a new bundle will become available!


I would recommend that anyone with a Mac to take a look at It’s a great opportunity to get some great applications for a large discount or even for free!

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