Samsung's latest witness claims Apple itself stole the iPad design first!

Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in the courts over the controversial iPad design patent infringement issue for quite some time now. Samsung has taken an interesting approach to dealing with Apple's incessant allegations of Samsung's Galaxy devices being copycats of Apple products. Instead of defending their products by refuting the numerous allegations leveled against them, Samsung have decided to lob the issue right back into Apple's own court.



According to a Bloomberg report, Samsung called upon Roger Fidler as a trial witness in the ongoing legal case between the two consumer electronics giants. Mr. Fidler is a 'news technology developer' who leads the digital publishing program in the University of Missouri. In a testimony captured on tape, Fidler claimed that he had been working on a tablet design way back in 1981, and that “Apple personnel were exposed to my tablet ideas and prototypes” in a collaboration a decade later. “My feeling was that it should be something that’s lightweight, portable, with a flat screen that had an ability to use a touch screen," he said.

Fidler went on to add that the design he'd proposed had a 'flat touchscreen', round corners, and a slot for memory cards. While memory expansion was (and is) something that Apple seemed to deliberately avoid, the 'rounded corners' are a distinct iPad design cue that Apple has accused Samsung of copying in its Galaxy Tabs.


This isn't the first time Samsung has accused Apple of being a copycat itself. The Korean giant had claimed that the iPad bore marked resemblances to the screens seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, a 1968 movie made by Stanley Kubrick. By the looks of it, it probably won't be the last time either.





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