Samsung Galaxy S3 new Features and Accessories

Now that Samsung’s latest creation, Samsung Galaxy S3, has been released worldwide, it is time to take a look at what are its most interesting technical features as well as some Samsung accessories. The Galaxy S3 is hoped to become a bestseller like its predecessors Galaxy S2 and the very first success model Galaxy S.


Released by the Korean mobile phone giant Samsung, Galaxy S3 contains many new features, expansions and additional accessories that set it apart from the other Galaxy S versions as well as outside competitors. With a large HD Super AMOLED4.8”display and 16/32 GB memory the phone provides excellent visual experiences and enough storage for a variety of media. Co-operation with Google provides a number of Google mobile services such as maps, mail, books and movies.


Other new features include:

- S Beam NFC and direct Wi-Fi features. NFC enables you to share a music file in a few seconds between two devices

- Direct call – while you are using the SMS application and lift the phone to your ear, the device makes a call to the contact

- brand new 8 megapixel camera is activated in under one second and can take 3,3 pictures per second and the user is able to choose the best out of eight pictures

- S Voice recognition has been expanded so that it can now also open the camera, as well as forward text messages by voice command

- face recognition directly in the gallery and so the user can send the picture instantly to the identified contact


There are of course numerous Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories available out there. A great variety of cell phone covers and pouches are one of the most sought after accessories by customers.

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