Samsung Galaxy S lll Jelly Bean update to be announced on August 29

Reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S lll will have a Jelly Bean update sooner than expected. It was believed that the update will be announced during sometime in September-October, however latest reports suggest otherwise.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the update is ready to be launched and will accompany the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is scheduled to be unveiled on August 29. Interestingly, Samsung was reported to confirm the Jelly Beans update for Samsung Galaxy S lll in July, however, no date was announced in that regard.

While S lll users will definitely get a Jelly Bean upgrade soon, S ll and Galaxy Note users will have to wait a little longer  as Samsung spokesperson, Teri Daley, cleared the present scenario on the matter saying, "We have not made any announcements about Jelly Bean upgrades to existing products,". She also suggested that the upgrade has more to do with the networks than manufacturer as network needs to test their compatibility with updates before they can be available to the users.


More reports have indicated that Samsung Galaxy S lll will be launched in color black. Originally, S lll was only available in white and pebble blue. Combined with the news of latest Android 4.1 update, speculations are that Samsung is trying to give iPhone 5 a tough time at its launch which is expected sometime in next month.

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