New mini dock connector gets leaked from the Apple Store

There have been persistent rumors for a considerable amount of time about Apple’s plans to reduce the number of pins in the dock connector for its devices. Those rumors have been inextricably linked with the rumors about the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.


According to a leak by a blog titled ‘A White Dot’, the Apple Store has let slip on Apple’s little secret. The Cupertino company does indeed have a secret up its sleeve. The smaller dock connector is supposedly real. Moreover, an adapter for older devices (which needed larger connectors so far) will retail at a price of $9.99. There will be a choice of choosing whether you want the adapter in black or white as well.


The blog has also uploaded a number of (admittedly genuine looking) screenshots of the entire product listing in the store, and the listing lets slip the devices that Apple plans to launch soon too. They pointedly include the 6th generation iPhone (i.e. the iPhone 5), the 5th generation iPod Touch, the 7th generation iPod Nano and the ‘late 2012’ third generation iPad.


The first three names seem to make perfect sense, and are in line with all the rumors surrounding a September 12 event to be held this year by Apple. The last is, in all likelihood, the clearest indication that the iPad Mini is more than just a figment of overzealous tech analysts’ imaginations.



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