iPad (3rd generation) now available refurbished from Apple

iPad (3rd gen)

Apple has just listed the 3rd generation iPad on the Apple Online Refurbished Store. These pre-owned 3rd generation iPads are being sold for $50 off compared to buying new, starting at just $449. The only difference between buying refurbished and new from Apple is that refurbished products were previously purchased and later returned. Products are often returned for non-technical reasons, meaning there was usually nothing wrong with the product in the first place. Products that were returned because of technical issues are repaired and thoroughly inspected prior to being sold as refurbished.


The best part about the availability of refurbished 3rd generation iPads is the price drop of the refurbished iPad 2s! Apple is currently having a “Special Limited Time Price” on the Wi-Fi + 3G models of the iPad 2. With this sale, you can save up to $250! The refurbished iPad 2 starts at $399.


In many cases, there will be no difference between an Apple Certified Refurbished Product and a new Apple product. Refurbished products come with a 1 year AppleCare warranty, just like new Apple products. You also have the option to extend your warranty by 1 year, also similar to buying new Apple products. AppleCare warranties are very reliable manufacturer warranties. While AppleCare does not cover accidental damage, Apple will take care of any technical issues that may pop up. In the case of Apple’s iOS devices, AppleCare will swap out your device for a new or Certified Refurbished device in the event of a hardware issue. Software issues can be easily fixed at an Apple store. AppleCare also provides fast and guaranteed customer support if you ever need help doing something on your device. With AppleCare, you shouldn’t be worried about having a technical issue with a refurbished product.


If you want to take advantage of any of these refurbished products, you should act fast! Refurbished stock is selling quickly; if any particular model sells out, you may have to wait a while before they add more refurbished products.

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