IDC: Apple iPads made up 68% of the total tablets shipped in Q2 2012

The fact that the Apple iPad is at the very peak of the tablet market pyramid isn’t exactly something to be surprised about anymore, given that the Apple tablet ended up both creating and dominating a large scale market for tablets. What is truly interesting though is that its popularity has shown no signs of waning at any point. If one version of the iPad was getting long in the tooth, Apple had another refresh up its sleeves to take the market by storm yet again.





IDC, a renowned data analytics company, has conducted a survey to that effect. It tried calculating the exact share of total tablet units shipped in the last quarter, and what it has come up with only further reiterates the fact that the iPad has no legitimate challenger in the current day and age.


Of all the tablets shipped in the second quarter of 2012, 68% turned out to be Apple iPads. In more precise terms, out of 25 million tablets shipped in the previous quarter, a whopping 17 odd million were the slates from Cupertino. The full extent of this achievement is even more palpable when you compare it with its nearest rival (and constant legal adversary) – Samsung. The Korean giants have a sizeable oeuvre of Android tablets in their Galaxy Tab series, but the sales of all those models combined couldn’t keep up with the single model that Apple sells.


Amazon and Asus followed in IDC’s list, with shares of 5% and 3.4% respectively. While Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet blew away the budget tablet sector, Asus managed to garner a lot of (rare) critical acclaim for an Android tablet with its Transformer Prime.


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