Could the iPad Mini be a rather bad idea after all?

The iPad Mini has been recognized as an effort made by Apple to make inroads into the 7 inch tablet market. The likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the recently released Google Nexus 7 tablet have proved that there is a definite market for tablets smaller than the 9.7 inch sized Apple iPad.



With speculation mounting that the 7 odd inch iPad Mini may be poised for a September launch, along with the iPhone 5, CouponCodes4U decided to conduct a survey to gauge consumer sentiment regarding the 2 upcoming Apple devices.

The most important result from the survey is the sheer gap (more like a chasm) between the consumers who wanted the iPhone as compared to the iPad Mini. To be precise, for the number of people looking forward to the iPad Mini, four times as many people wanted to buy an iPhone.

The CouponCodes4U survey group consisted of 1873 people, 76% of whom already had an iPad product. 78% of the group claimed that they would ignore the iPad Mini and get the new iPhone instead. Interestingly enough, 76% of that particular group already owned an iPhone.

In general, it makes a whole lot of sense too. Apple has always chosen to leave a gap of a number of months between its yearly iPad and iPhone refreshes, with the former typically launching in March, and the latter in October. Launching both devices together would make a situation where both Apple products cannibalize each other’s’ sales quite likely.

The negative sentiment has been amply exhibited in the survey, with a whopping 46% of the respondents considering the iPad Mini ‘pointless’. Come September 2012, and we’ll have our answers to the real prospects of the upcoming slate after all.


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