Consumers will be hit hard by the effects of the Apple vs. Samsung trial verdict

Consumers are the real losers in the Apple vs. Samsung trial. A jury found Samsung guilty of violating Apple’s registered iPhone and iPad design patents. To cover damages, Samsung was ordered to pay over $1 billion to Apple. Additionally, lawyers are planning to request that infringing Samsung devices be banned from the U.S. market.


While Samsung is a clear loser in this case, consumers will also be affected negatively. To avoid the possibility of being sued by Apple, smartphone and tablet manufacturers now have to consider the possibility that their designs will infringe Apple’s patents. This can drastically change future product designs of non-Apple products and can affect the innovation process. Manufacturers can choose to lease Apple’s patents to have access to the technology and designs. However, products using leased patents will have a higher price tag to cover the lease cost.


Google is also taking a hit from the verdict. Google’s operating system, Android, powers most of the non-Apple market, including Samsung’s mobile devices. If Apple’s lawyers get their way and convince the judge to ban Samsung’s infringing products from the market, both Samsung and Google will be feeling the effects.


Samsung is trying to claim that Apple’s patents are too general, referring to them as patents for a rounded rectangle. In September, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide if Apple’s patents are too general.

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