Apple removes Youtube from iOS

Google and Apple Inc. have been running a bitter proxy war for quite a few months now. Apple has decided to get after almost all of the major Android OEM’s in the name of patent infringement, and is currently engaged in a very high profile lehal battle versus Samsung Electronics.

It goes without saying that Apple and Google are the biggest foes in the tech world right now, given that Microsoft has largely lost a lot of its relevance in recent years. What Apple definitely couldn’t account for was the sheer ubiquity that Google manages to instill in its products. Search, Maps, Youtube & Gmail are four of the Google services that are practically impossible to live without on this day and date.

Apple has managed to do away with the need for using Google Maps as a backend for its Maps app, and has launched its own mapping solution with the help of acquisitions such as TomTom. This was the first step taken by Apple to make its iOS devices free of Google services, and from the latest bits of news coming in, Apple has taken the antagonism up a notch.

The iOS 6 beta 4 for developers features largely incremental changes over the 3rd beta launched about 3 weeks back. There is one major change however – Apple seems to have done away with the Youtube app that used to come with every iOS device out of the box.

While this doesn’t signify the end of watching Youtube videos on iOS devices in any way (you can just go to the website on Safari and watch videos there), it does indicate that Apple isn’t ready to hand over its enormous customer base on a platter to Google anymore.


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