Apple may transform the Apple TV into a cable box

Apple TVThe Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is talking to several companies about offering live TV streaming to the Apple TV. Reportedly, Apple is talking to AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable. Using this information, the current rumor stands that Apple wants to allow cable providers to stream live TV to the Apple TV.


Cable companies could definitely benefit from a partnership with Apple. Since consumers generally like Apple products, offering cable on the Apple TV makes it easier for consumers to subscribe. Furthermore, the current cable boxes that cable companies offer are junky. The hardware is clunky and the software is not very user friendly. Everyone knows that Apple could do a much better job at both aspects of the box. Lastly, the cable companies wouldn’t have to lease out as many cable boxes; consumers would simply buy the Apple TV.


There is one drawback to cable companies partnering with Apple: Apple would have power in yet another market. We previously reported that Apple holds 70% of the tablet market share. The smartphone market is also dominated by Apple’s iPhone. If Apple partnered with cable companies, Apple set-top boxes could easily dominate the cable market. That would really push Apple to become the first trillion dollar company!


Don’t get too hyped about this theory. Remember the rumor that Apple would manufacture a television? We haven’t heard any developments on that for ages! This new Apple TV theory could fall through and never materialize. Furthermore, the Apple TV isn’t one of Apple’s proudest products. Apple is currently focusing on its Mac, iPad, and iPhone line. The Apple TV is more or less just a hobby for Apple. It rarely receives software updates or hardware refreshes. On the flip side of the coin, Apple may want to begin focusing more on the Apple TV and the home entertainment industry. Maybe Apple is being serious with their talks with cable providers. Maybe in a year or so, we’ll see an Apple TV set-top box replacing cable boxes around the world. Would you use an Apple TV as a cable set-top box? Leave a comment and let us know!

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