Apple iPad Mini photos get leaked; won't have camera?

Apple’s long rumored iPad Mini has had a set of photos of it leaked by the Chinese social media. While a couple of photos from an obscure part of the internet may not count for much usually, the general design of the device captured in the leaked shots has a lot of traditionally Apple-esque design cues in it, making it quite a likely that it is the real deal after all.


via have scoured microblogging site Sina Weibo (China’s very own version of Twitter, in fact) and managed to find a couple of photos of what is purportedly the upcoming iPad Mini. There’s no saying whether the photos are genuine or recent, in all frankness. Apart from the minimalistic design, there is no saying whether this isn’t just another of the many fake ‘leaks’ that pop up all over the cesspool that the Internet rumor factory is.


What would not quite please too many people though would be the glaring omission of a camera hole in the pictured device. While the idea of clicking photos with a tablet has never quite been anyone’s cup of tea, if people can use 9.7 inch iPads as cameras (and look rather ridiculous in the process), there’s no reason why Apple should skimp out on that feature in what is a decidedly smaller device. Then again, it could be a cost cutting measure to keep the cost of the device down.


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