Apple and Samsung prepare closing arguments before handing the case over to the jury

iPad (3rd gen)On Tuesday, August 21, the jury of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit will hear both side’s closing arguments. The jury will review all evidence presented during court to decide whether Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents or if Apple infringed on Samsung’s patents. If the jury concludes that there are infringed patents, they will need to decide if the infringement caused any damages to either side and will therefore determine royalties to be paid to the damaged company.


Back in April 2011, Apple declared that Samsung infringed on Apple’s iPad and iPhone patents. Samsung countered Apple’s arguments, saying that Apple infringed on Samsung’s Galaxy patents. Nonetheless, there is confusion between the difference between Apple’s and Samsung’s devices. Both the hardware and software interfaces look very similar. With the screen turned off and looking at the front of the device, many people are unable to tell an iPad apart from a Samsung Galaxy Tab.


The judge of the trial has asked Apple and Samsung to come to an agreement privately, without assistance of the court. Reports say that the CEOs of each company are speaking via phone but have obviously not yet reached an agreement since the trial is continuing. In due time, the court will force an agreement upon each company unless the CEOs reach an agreement soon.


If a decision is imposed by the court, the entire technology market could be largely affected. The losing side could face a sales ban in the United States. Apple is specifically asking that, if Samsung is found guilty, Samsung’s infringing Galaxy devices be banned from sale in the U.S. John Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo told FOX Business that no matter who wins the case, the consumer loses in the end. If Samsung Galaxy sales are banned, that eliminates options for the consumer. Therefore, while one side may be a winner, the consumer’s result is definite: lose.


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