5 must-have apps for your new Samsung Galaxy S lll

Samsung Galaxy S lll is the new prince of smart phone market, at least until the release of iPhone 5. If you own the very desirable, sleek and powerful S3, continue reading for we give the five apps that you must have on your S3.



Yes, Google Chrome. The first thing you want to have in your S3 is a fast and powerful internet browser and Chrome is the best and fastest browser for nay smart phone let alone just S3.



If you plan to use your S3 and not Facebook, it just cannot be. Facebook is where we spend hours of our everyday. Although, Facebook’s app is not the best thing when it comes to UI, but it is one of the most essential things to stay connected with your friends and your foes too.


Easy Battery Saver

You can do a lot with your Samsung Galaxy S3, movies, songs, social network, photo sharing, e-mail, browsing, you name it and you got it in that beauty. S3 has a very large display screen and along with the things that you can do with it, one thing needs to be taken care of and that is battery consumption.


Angry Birds or Temple Run

You want a fun game in your S3? You want an Angry Birds version or the Temple Run. Have Angry Birds classic, new Angry Birds Space or the thrilling Temple Run.



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