3 things Samsung S lll could be better at

Samsung galaxy S lll is the best smart phone that Samsung has produced to date. But in an imperfect world, it is an imperfect addition. With all its strengths and positives, many users complain, lets have a look at top three imperfections in Galaxy S lll.


Screen size

The large screen display of Samsung S lll looks really nice and beautiful. But there are reasons why smart phones have smaller screens than that of tablets. With tablets you would never try to hold it and work on it by the same hand, and you would never try to operate using a thumb. However, with smart phones many users use their thumbs to operate their phones to keep the other hand free. With S lll you will find it very hard to use your thumb and touch every corner of the large beautiful screen that it flaunts.


The Battery

One thing that Apple does well with their products (excluding first generation iPhones) is to bundle them with powerful batteries. S lll uses the same sized battery as Galaxy Nexus extended battery; which is often remarked as inadequate. With so many features, people would miss a long battery life as much as they would want to enjoy the S lll experience, unless they buy an extended battery.


The Design

Let’s be honest, Pebble blue Samsung S lll is not a beautiful piece of art. White is relatively better but not everyone likes White smart phones. Besides, the plastic body disappoints as it makes an expensive phones look cheap. After all the talks about the ceramic design, we hear about glossy back which is a disappointment.

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