3 things iOS can adapt from Android

Apple's iOS and Google's Android have been trying to provide their users the better smart phone experience and have been successful in most of their attempts creating features that offers a lot of convenience to users. Apple's iOS is generally considered to be the better option as it has been evolving longer than its counterpart, however, there are features that iOS can adapt from Android to enhance its users' experience even more.


Screen Unlock

The first thing that anyone would notice, apart from theme and color scheme, is the unlock options that both operating systems offer. While iOS offers the conventional numeric password unlock, Android, on the other hand, offers pattern unlock. Pattern unlock is considered to be more secure and intuitive way of security as compared to traditional numeric passwords. If Apple can get the pattern unlock in iOS, without getting involved in another patent war, it would be a welcome addition.


Google Now

Apple's Siri may be a good assistant, but Google Now is much more than that. Siri is known for answering questions posed by the user, while Google Now is smarter than that. It provides the user with precise information in a timely manner without user's request. For example, it would tell you when to leave for your doctor's appointment so that you make it in time without you asking it to remind you.


Smart updates

Updates take a lot of bandwidth and power, but Android's smart updates optimizes the update process by downloading only the components of the application that has changed since its last installation, while Google users enjoy this smart feature, Apple's await.


This may not make much of a difference when used for small updates but with high definition games and sophisticated apps, it will make the process quicker and cost-efficient.

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