The Retina display of the new iPad may be attracting enterprises

There has been a significant amount of discourse about how useful the iPad is (or can be) in an enterprise level from practically every other tech guru. The basic idea was that with iOS fast reaching the security standards of RIM’s Blackberry OS, along with the absolute ubiquity of the Apple slate, the iPad was just one step away from being seen as a viable option for a whole lot of enterprises.

The original iPad and its successor, the iPad 2, managed to make significant headway into the enterprise sector. Going by new data from Apple Insider’s exclusive copy of a recent report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners though, the new iPad seems to be doing absolutely great in the much coveted enterprise customer target group. Apparently, the Retina display is proving to be enough of a draw for enterprise adoption on a larger scale than ever before.

CIRP claims that more and more buyers of the new iPad are purchasing it for business related reasons than before. The exact figures are found by them to be as follows: 21% of the buyers of the new iPad claim they will be using it exclusively for business, while only 13% of iPad users overall report that they use their tablets for business reasons.

Of course, leisure still rules the roost as the main reason for iPad purchases, and it makes sense given just how geared towards entertainment the iPad is as a whole. But it certainly flies in the face of the views of tablet skeptics – there are ways to use the iPad for serious productivity, and not just Angry Birds, and people are buying into that as well.


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